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LG KS360 Mobile Phone

Written by Nadeem Ahmed

LG KS360 Mobile Phone:

This transportable phone is certainly a text significant itinerant for the mass market. Full QWERTY keyboards have invariably been a characteristic that has been reserved for smartphones primarily for commerce because the full QWERTY keyboard is ideal for long email and text electronic communication work. However, LG has escort a itinerant that provides you the electronic communication easy a QWERTY keyboard however targeted additional at the throng market user. therefore however will a mass market itinerant with a QWERTY keyboard fare in our test?

First off, the build superiority of the K360 is surprisingly solid. For a throng market itinerant, LG has managed to create the KS360 as solid as what you’d anticipate from higher market mobile phones. The slider accomplishment failed to in anyway feel fragile whereas i used to be exploitation it and it failed to even feel as if i used to be exploitation it and it failed to even feel as if i used to be holding a model mobile phone. As unyielding because it is, the KS360 is additionally pretty light-weight for a itinerant in its league, advisement in at 108 grams that I presume is because of the shortage of finest functions you’d sometimes expect from business mobile phones.


The itinerant conjointly comes with a fairly giant a pair of.4 inches and 256K color screen that is ideal for media viewing particularly video. However, intrinsically you are doing not get a traditional twelve-key keyboard because the front of the itinerant is concerned by the screen, 2 softkeys, navigation keys, call keys, the cancel key and another key to remark the digital keyboard.

Now you may be inquisitive the way to dial out since there’s no twelve-key keyboard on the itinerant. Frankly, dialing with the QWERTY keyboard is sort of ludicrous however you ought to not worry an excessive amount of thereon since there’s still a 12-key keyboard on the itinerant, albeit a digital one.


Like I same before, there’s AN input to remark the digital keyboard on the itinerant and from there you’ll dial out pretty simply while not having to resort to the QWERTY keyboard. the best factor regarding this can be that LG has created it in order that you expertise each button that’s ironed via resistive vibrations. I found that there have been much no errors in my dialing as LG failed to build the finger-touch operate too responsive.

The amusing factor is tho’ the keyboard is touch-based, dialing is that the solely operate that applies the bit role of the itinerant. after you remark the menu, you’ll not extremely choose the applications or choices by touching them and had to trust back on the navigation keys instead.

One definite factor that did interest Pine Tree State was that the KS360 will offer you email functionalities, as well. sometimes a itinerant of this value purpose can lack email functionalities, but since the KS360 escort a full QWERTY keyboard the inclusion of emailing functions ought to be expected.

You can simply got wind of your email accounts as well as Gmail tho’ you’ll need the jaunty details of your piece of email servers and such. i used to be foiled with the fundamental WAP a pair of.0 browser on the itinerant tho’. though property is proscribed to EDGE and GPRS, LG may have a minimum of given U.S.A. a more robust increased browser.

The KS360 itinerant comes with a 2 mega pel camera that is mounted focus. pictures crazy the camera on the itinerant were astoundingly tight in sensible lighting conditions. In fact, higher than what I expected the result would be. Media enjoying on the itinerant was conjointly pretty excellent furthermore with music and video being contend with tight sound and show quality. it absolutely was a disgrace that a three.5mm audio jack wasn’t another to the itinerant because it would have created the media enjoying functions of the itinerant additional desirable.

However, since it’s Bluetooth A2DP, you continue to will use stereo headsets. conjointly though you’ll expand up to four gigabytes via microSD, I still felt that the scant fifteen megabytes of memory on the itinerant was rather penny-pinching on LGs aspect. However, that’s alittle very little exasperation i used to be willing to let through.

In conclusion, I actually have to mention that i used to be genuinely dumbfounded with the KS360. LG has managed to come back up with a mass market itinerant that’s good for the electronic communication market that i believe in Asia a part of the planet is pretty large. At such a coffee value, the itinerant is de facto reasonable virtually by everybody and also the very little niggles aside, i am pretty certain the text emotional users can quickly take a shine to the current terrific itinerant.

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